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This blog is where I post my writings.  They're mostly fantasy writings, because that's what I like to write.
Here's a kind of list of what I've got so far:

   - The Well of Souhaiters: this is my first completed book. Woot woot!  (note: this was originally called Marcy's Story cause I'm llame and didn't know what to call it.)  synopsis: Marcy is forced to stay with her aunt over the summer while her parents go to the Bahamas.  Soon after she arrives, she realizes that Aunt Jenny, strangely like her house, isn't all she seems.  She is promptly thrown headfirst into an adventure.
   - one shots: these are just a bunch of short stories (mostly like really short).  In these I'm trying to develop my skills and so they're all over the board as far as genres/etc.
   - Stealing Violets: this is the new short series I'm really excited about.  It's my current project, so it'll be updated as soon as I post.  synopsis: A handsome thief named Kray keeps accidentally bumping into Jessica, the princess of the land.  Kray finds himself falling for the princess, but she has a dark secret.  Can love really conquer a broken and battered soul?
   - The Journey into the Unknown: this is my way too long to be a short story.  It's like 17 pages, so it still qualifies as a short story, but yeah anyway.  synopsis: Firespark the dragon has lived with his best friend Lilly the fairy all his life.  Suddenly, both of their lives are turned upside down as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.
   - author reviews: these are exactly how they sound.  I take an author and review the books that they've written (and that I've read) and grade them on the romantic and language content, along with the overall writing quality.

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So, you probably noticed I had zero content last week.  And, surprise, I have zero content this week.  I'm terribly sorry.
There are some things in my life I just need to get together, and honestly I've had the biggest writer's block these past weeks.  I know summer is supposed to be the season where I get a ton of writing done, but I just don't feel it.  I suppose the pressure of posting kind of makes my fire go out.  I'd rather post whenever I write a thing.
So for the slowly dwindling number of you who actually read what I post, I guess I'll be taking a break for until I write up something.
Sorry for being a brick :]
~~Zoë Wingfeather

My Illenya

Hi everyone!  :D
Okay, so--a few things:
1- I'm going to do my best to have a blogging schedule.  I'll aim to have something to post, whether it be Stealing Violets or a short story, every Tuesday.  Because it's summer, I should be able to keep it up.  Although inspiration is a fickle mistress and often doesn't show up (smh).
2- I'm writing this from the past because I just now remembered I can utilize the neat post scheduling tool thingie how cool is that so yeah Friday the 16th is when this post was written which I think is super mega cool.  Anyways, right now (Tuesday the future for me, Tuesday the present for you) I'm at camp.  Wahoo!
3- This short story was written for my friend Kiah's writing contest thing, so I had to use a prompt.  The prompt was as follows:

…which is rather ominous.  So, obviously, I wanted to make something completely terrible out of it.  With that expectation in mind, go grab some tissues and enjoy this heart-wrenching short story.  :)
I thought of the past few hours as I walked, rubbing my bleary eyes.  
It had been an amazing night.  My childhood friend, Gavin, had come to stay with me in my castle.  His coming had been highly anticipated by most everyone in the capital city, and most of all by me.  The preparations were begun months beforehand--to be sure everything was perfect.  He hadn’t visited in years, and he and I had much to catch up on.  
I was in such high spirits that I threw a party for the whole capital city--there was food for everyone.  The entertainers and circuses took the time and publicity to make a pretty penny off the crowds, along with the dancers, charmers, musicians, and bards.
The banquet had lasted late into the night.  It was like Gavin and I had never been separated.  We had laughed and talked about how hard it was to run kingdoms and such.  All in all, it was an amazing time.  
I yawned.  I was on my way to my rooms, ready to get some sleep.  I strolled by unblinking guards who had managed to stay awake despite the fact that it was half past one in the morning.
The years had been good to Gavin.  He had become handsome, and his eyes sparkled when he smiled.  He had also brought his wife and small child for me to meet, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  My Illenya quickly became friends with Ariel.  The two had chatted the whole night long.
As I thought about Illenya, I smiled.  She was such a treasure to me.  My wife and I had been married for seven years, and she astounded me with her wit and beauty every day.  She had retired early, which wasn’t out of the normal.  Illenya was delicate and often slept before I did, especially as of late.  She often complained that it wasn’t easy to be with child.  I believed her--she usually appeared very tired.
I opened the door to my room slowly, lest I disturb her.  My angel, I thought.  My beautiful Illenya, asleep once more.
And then I froze.
There, on my bed, sat Gavin, with a knife to my terrified wife’s throat.
She was in her nightclothes; her hair down, powder washed off, jewelry removed.  Gavin looked just as I had seen him just minutes ago, except now he sat behind Illenya with her in his grasp and held a dagger.  The very fact that he was in my room with my wife would have made a maid gossip, but with a knife?!  I was immobilized; I was speechless.
Gavin’s blue-grey eyes were hard.  Illenya made as if to reach to me and speak, but he tightened his grip on her and the knife and she ceased.
“Wha--”  I finally found my voice.  “What is the meaning of this?” I said indignantly.  “Gavin, what are you doing in my room with my wife?”
My childhood friend smiled, a wicked smile.  “Oh, you know I couldn’t just let this chance pass up.”
“What are you talking about?  Release Illenya!”
“I don’t think so.”  Gavin looked at her, then back to me.  “She’s far too valuable to let go.  As to what I’m talking about, well, you’ll find out soon enough.”
“I’d like to find out right now, if you please!”  I moved toward Illenya, intending to find out what had possessed my friend to do this, but once again he pressed the dagger to her throat.
“One more move and she dies,” he spat.  I stopped, my heart beating rapidly.  Dies?!  My Illenya!  He would not kill her--he would not kill a woman with child, let alone his best friend’s wife!
“I will tell you what my plans are,” Gavin continued.  “I suppose you have a right to know, after all.  I had planned on getting this over with while you were still on your way here, but as you can see that didn’t happen.”  He gestured with the knife at the room.  “I’ll enjoy staying here.  It’s a very nice room, but I suppose one can afford a nice room when one’s as rich and popular as you.”  Was that an edge of bitterness in his voice? I wondered, panic rising in my chest.  What has come over him?
He shook his head.  “Ah, Lance.  It was always you.  We were raised together, childhood friends destined to heal years of fighting between our nations.  We were always so close.  But you,”--his voice hardened--“you were more popular than I ever was.  Your father was richer.  You had the promise of a bigger kingdom to inherit.  All the girls loved you.  You had everything you could ever want.”
“I don’t understand,” I stuttered.  “Gavin, you were a prince--now you’re a king!  How could you possibly want what little more I had than you?”
“Don’t you see?”  He shook his head as if to laugh at my ignorance.  “Those childhood realizations fueled the fire.  They fueled my fire.  The idea only hit me years later.  You see, with our friendship, it would create a vulnerability, a weakness.  It was a chink in the armor of your kingdom.  I only had to slip a knife through and into its ribs.  Our friendship meant trust, and that meant I could bring a small army into your walls without you having a second thought.”
I blinked.  “No…” I whispered.  “This can’t be happening.”
Gavin laughed again.  “Oh, I’m afraid it is happening.  I only had to send spies ahead of me, convince a portion of your army to join my side with promises of promotions and riches, and your kingdom was taken.  When I conquer your kingdom, I will join it and create an empire!”  His laughter was proud and mirthless.  It echoed in my bedchamber.
I shook my head.  “But…if you wanted my kingdom…why do you have my wife?”
The smile returned.  “That was the genius part of my plan.  I have learned that the death of a loved one is what ultimately breaks a man.”  Blood appeared on my Illenya’s white neck.  Her eyes grew large and she opened her mouth.
“No!” I cried.  “No, Gavin!  If you must, take me instead!  Take anything, all I have, but not my Illenya! Please!”
Gavin continued as if he had not heard me, his sinister smile widening.  “That is why this must happen.”
I lurched forward.
Illenya screamed.
With one smooth motion, he ripped the knife through her throat.
Her scream was cut short.  Time slowed.
Blood poured onto our sheets and she slumped down into a crumpled heap.
Half unbelieving, I let out a moan that slowly grew into a cry.  “Illenyaaaaaaaa!”
Gavin released his hold on my wife and leisurely climbed off my bed.  I rushed to Illenya, the tears streaming down my cheeks.  “No,” I sobbed.  “No, it can’t be.  This must be a dream.  This cannot be real!”  I cradled her lifeless form in my arms.  She was still warm.  “Illenya, my Illenya!” I cried, my tears wetting her beautiful face.  Her face that I would never again see smile.
Guards wearing my colors stepped in the room, but I barely noticed.  I held her in my arms, unable to fully accept that my Illenya and my firstborn child were gone.  “No…” I whispered as I rocked back and forth.  I looked up at my former closest friend.  “Gavin, what have you done?”
Gavin simply motioned to me.  “Take him to the dungeon,” he ordered my guards.  I kicked against them as they forced my hands off of Illenya’s body, but I was weakened by grief and disbelief.  They drug me from the room as I wept, unable to resist them.  My last glimpse of the room was Illenya lying on the bed and Gavin’s twisted smile.
My cries echoed down the halls and joined the screaming of my people. 
Me while I was writing this:

I'm serious--I was so close to crying.  I'm close to crying right now as I edit ;~;
You might need to use those tissues now.  I'll give you a minute to clean yourself up.

Okay so all crying aside--did you like it?  Did I capture the heartbreak well enough?  Comments?  Questions?  Insults?  Constructive criticism?
I'll hopefully see you guys next Tuesday! <3
~~Zoë Wingfeather

Part 4: Caught Red-Handed

So the results from my poll arrived (thank you to everyone for completing it I love you all) and basically the overall consensus was hEY CHLOË WRITE MORE PLEASE
And, like a good blogger, I sat my butt down and wrote a new part of Stealing Violets.

I'm kidding.  It was fun.  Sorry it's taking so long to finish (smh).
But hey, it's coming along!  I'm getting excited to see what's going to happen.  I wonder if you'll guess where I'm going with it, hmm?  Ah well, we shall see.
In case you had forgotten, we last left our dashingly awkward thief Kray in the strangest place possible--in Princess Jessica's room, attempting to steal her crown.  Will he get away with it?  you can probably guess from the title but anyways  Let's find out!
Slowly, for fear of a trap, I sneak toward the vanity.
Suddenly a flicker of motion catches my eye.  It’s a person!  I whirl to face the form, and barely contain a surprised exclamation when I realize--it’s me.
There are five mirrors across the room in a corner, all placed at different angles.  I’ve seen them placed like that in a shop, once.  I had gone inside to see if I could find a scrap of cloth to mend my vest.  I remember overhearing the shopkeeper telling someone that they were placed in that way so as to show off every angle of an outfit.  
Snapped back to the present, I shake my head and mutter under my breath.  “One woman needs five mirrors?!  Women are far too expensive for me.”
I resolve to keep my mind focused on the task at hand.  Creeping forward, I come closer and closer to the vanity.  Thank the stars Princess Jessica just happened to be away this night.  I needed this steal more than I thought I did.
I examine the crown as I slowly advance.  It’s less of what I think of when I hear “crown” and more...delicate.  The crown--or is it a tiara?--is silver interworked with diamonds.  It’s dainty and very feminine.  There’s a large diamond in the peak of the crown.  It’s massive, larger than my thumbnail.  I shiver with excitement as I think about what I could buy with the diamond alone.  I suppose once I pull this off, I’ll take Blue and travel to a distant land, where I can sell it and become a lord.  Who knows, maybe I’ll come back and become a suitor to Princess Jessica!  I know she’d have me, with that kind of riches backing me.
After what seems like ages, I reach the vanity.  My fingers are tingling, along with every other part of my body.  This is what I live for, this feeling of elation, adrenaline pumping through my veins.  I reach toward the crown, and then pause.  This was too easy.  Something must be wrong.
I glance around the room, expecting guards to burst out of the wardrobe any minute.  But they don’t.  The room is silent.  My breathing is loud in my ears.
Shaking my head again, I stretch out my hands to the crown.  I’m not sure what’s gotten into me.  After all, this is one of the easiest steals I’ve ever done--and for such a prize!  I should be thankful.
Hesitant nevertheless, I pick up the crown.  It’s cool to my fingertips.  It’s a complete circle, the back being very thin.  I’m afraid I’ll break it.  It’s so light I can barely feel it in my hands.
For a few moments I just look at it, lost in its beauty.
I’m holding the crown of the king’s daughter.  In spite of myself, I can’t resist a giggle.  I’m holding Jessica’s crown!
I feel a sting on my neck.  Thinking it’s a pesky insect, I swat at it and nearly yelp when my finger comes away bloody.  I jerk my head up to look into the vanity mirror and gasp.
Princess Jessica gazes into my eyes, holding a dagger to my throat.  Her arm is wrapped under my armpit, putting me in one of the wrestling holds I’ve seen used in street fights.  It’s the one that renders the victim immobile and gives the upper hand to the holder.  And she’s not holding me loosely.  
Every muscle in her body is poised, ready to attack.  Her brown curls are pulled back in several buns and she’s wearing…traveling clothes?  I’ve never seen a woman in breeches before!  What is she--
She tightens her grip, those grey eyes as cold as ice.
“Wha--” I begin, but she cuts me off.
“Why are you here?” she asks urgently, looking me in the mirror.  “Are you a spy?  What are you doing in my room?”
There’s a…hardness in her voice, something I’ve never heard in a woman before.  I stutter out a reply.  “I--I’m just--uh--”
The knife presses against my neck again.  “Are you a spy?  Answer me!”
“I’m not a spy, I swear!”  The words tumble out of my mouth.  “I was just--I was going to steal your crown, that’s all!”  My mind races to come up with a lie.  I can’t tell her the real reason I’m here, of course--I could never tell her that.  That would be very hard to explain.
“But you’re not a spy?” Jessica asks suspiciously.  I notice the dagger is still at my throat.
“I’m not a spy, I swear!”
Slowly, she lowers the knife, keeping her hold on me nevertheless.  “Why were you here to steal my crown, Kray?”
I gulp.  “I…snuck in your room to see if I could find you,” I say quickly.  The lie picks up speed in my head.  “After I met you, I just had to see you again.  I figured you’d be here.  When you weren’t, I noticed the crown and just had to have it.”
“If I release you, will you run?”
I force a laugh.  “There’s nowhere to run, and I’d bet my vest you can use that dagger.”
She lets go of me.  I slump my shoulders as if relaxed, but I’m alert inside.  Ruefully, I massage my neck where she pricked me.  “You don’t mess around, do you?”
“No.”  I notice she keeps the knife in her hand, still ready to use it.  I resolve to not give her a chance to.
Why is she being so wary of me?  It’s like she suspects me or something.  Not that I wouldn’t do the same if I found a sketchy lady in my bedroom, if I had a bedroom, but still.  It seems a little over the top.
Suddenly, I’m struck by a thought.  “Hey,” I exclaim, “how’d you get in here?  I didn’t hear the door open.  Or were you in here, hiding?”
Princess Jessica raises an eyebrow.  “I just came myself.  And I climbed the side of the tower, of course.”
It’s said in such a matter-of-fact way that I almost believe her.  I chuckle.  “Yeah, right.”
Motioning to her dagger, she shrugs.  “I just completely overpowered you and held a dagger to your throat.  I’m wearing clothes that any proper princess wouldn’t dare let herself be seen in.  Do you really think I didn’t climb up the outside?”
I reconsider.
“Good point.”  I pause, looking around awkwardly.  The crown is still in my hands.  I hastily put it back on the vanity, trying to be delicate with it.  The last thing I need is to drop the thing.  “So…why did you climb up the side of the tower?  Where have you been?”  That sneaking suspicious of her eloping reenters my head.  “And where did you go, for the stars’ sake?”
Jessica’s eyes suddenly become expressionless, as if she’s trying to hide something.  “Oh, you know.  I had some business to attend to.  Nothing of your concern.”  She glances at my neck, where a small drop of blood has formed.  “I’m sorry about your neck,” she says, seemingly concerned.
I notice she’s changed the subject but think it best not to try my luck at pressing for an answer.  After all, she is the princess.  She can do what she wants for all I care.
“It’s fine,” I respond, licking my finger and rubbing the little nick.  The blood comes away on my fingers.  “It’ll heal.”
An involuntary noise comes from the princess.  I gaze at her, confused.  Her eyes are fixed on the floor and she’s…twitching.  “Jessica?”
Her head whips upward and she locks eyes with me.  “Woah!” I exclaim, taking a step backwards.  The pupils of her eyes are so small I can barely see them, and--I blink, taking a second look--her grey eyes are tinged with purple.  It’s a very strange color of purple, a violet, I guess.  It’s frightening.  Add to that the fact that her jaw is clenched, and I’m pretty scared.
“Jessica?” I say hesitantly.  “Are you okay?”  Her breath goes in and out of her teeth with a hiss--hshh.
Jerking, she inhales sharply and closes her eyes.  I see her visibly relax.  Her shoulders slump and she drops her head to her chest, then looks up at me and blinks.
I blink too.  The violet is gone from her eyes!  Confused, I shake my head.  I must have imagined it.
But there’s no imagining those jitters I saw…
“Yes, I’m fine.”  The princess brings my attention back to the present.  Jessica takes a shaky breath.  “I’m fine,” she repeats.
I’m not sure she’s telling the truth.  “Are you sure?”
“Yes!” she snaps.  I must have a hurt expression on my face, because she reaches forward as if to comfort me.  “I’m sorry,” she apologizes.  “It’s just…sometimes I get like that.  I can’t explain without…”  She sighs.
I inch backwards, trying to subtly work my way toward the window so I can get out.  I’m a little apprehensive, now.  For a moment it looked like she was going to stab me.  I can never understand women.
Jessica is standing there by the vanity, hands by her sides, eyes fixed on me.  She looks very tired.  Ahah!  That’s the perfect excuse to leave.  “You’re tired,” I say smoothly.  “You’ve just come back from a long journey.  I should go.”
“Yes.”  She waves toward the window.  “Be careful on your way down.”  It’s begun to rain, and I know the stones will be slippery.  I don’t know how I’m going to get down safely.
Even so, I’d better comfort the dangerous damsel.  “I will.”  I turn toward the window, then look back at her.  “Jessica?”
“Will you be alright?”  My face colors as I ask; I’m not sure why--well, I am, but…oh, I don’t know.  
“I’ll be fine.”  The princess manages a smile, which makes me feel better.  Her whole face really lights up when she smiles…focus, Kray!  “The side of the tower is going to be wet and it’s going to be hard to get down on your own,” she says, voicing my concern.  “Here.”  She reaches behind the vanity mirror and I hear a click.  “I often have to make quick escapes from my room, so my father had these installed just in case.”  She motions for me to look out the window.  
I do so, and I’m surprised to see small rods--hand and footholds, I note--poking out from in between the stones at regular intervals all the way down the tower.  I glance back at her.  “Convenient.”
“Indeed.”  Suddenly bashful, she adjusts her rough traveling jerkin.  “The guards won’t attack you, by the way.  Since I have to…leave a good bit, they’re ordered not to shoot at anyone climbing up the walls.  They all think the figure climbing up and down the tower is a foreign suitor who has to visit me in secret.  It’s quite the topic of gossip between…why am I telling you all this?”  Jessica laughs nervously, her hands busy fiddling with some unseen thing on her clothes.  “Go ahead, go.  I’m sure you’re eager to leave.”
I put one foot out of the window and gaze back on her for one last look.  “Goodbye, princess.”
“Goodbye, Kray.”  She gives a little wave.
I keep my eyes fixed on her beautiful face until the windowsill puts her out of view.
The little rods help me find my way down the slippery stone.  I know for a fact that I’d never be able to get down without them.  I shiver to think about losing my footing…thank the stars for Jessica.  I’d be dead without her help.
If I had a cloak with a hood, I’d pull the hood over my face and head.  Annoyed, I blow a raindrop off my nose as I scurry across the muddy courtyard.  Key word “if.”
I scramble up the two courtyard walls with some difficulty, but the guards are all huddled under a shelter and don’t notice me at all.  What a relief.
As I run back through town, I think about Jessica.  What happened to her back there, I wonder?  It was like something came over her, something…strange.  The way her eyes turned purple scared me.  I peek my head around a corner and dash across a square in the market.  It’s busy despite the rain.  Rumors of witches and magic enter my head.  What if she was cursed as a child, like in the stories?  I’ve heard old women telling tales like that to children, sometimes.  What if it happened to her?
I shake my head and huff at myself.  That’s ridiculous!  I sneak up behind a market stand full of apples and snitch one for me and one for Blue.  If it wasn’t a curse, what was it?
Thinking back to the moment, I wonder what set it off.  I had been rubbing my neck where she pricked me…but would the blood have set it off?  I was bleeding, but women don’t usually have problems with small amounts of blood, right?  If anything, she would have fainted or something princessy.  Then again, she did climb up the side of the tower in breeches and then held a dagger to my throat, so she’s no ordinary woman.
What was it…? 

Any ideas on what took over Jessica?  What do you think of her?  Any constructive criticism?
Thanks to everyone again on your responses to my poll!  It means a lot to me :)
~~Zoë Wingfeather


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Look at that! I did it!! I copy pasted a bunch of code!!! :D :D Okay thank you whoever took this poll I will love you forever here's a cookie (::) ~~zoe wingfeather (no dots because i'm on a different computer and idk how to do them lel [also the formatting is all off smh sorry about that])

Elderly Strife

Okay so hi everyone *waves tentatively*
I've written you all a short story :3
This lil short story is a little different.  As you've probably noticed, I'm terrible at writing conflict.  Like, terrible.  So with this one I tried to experiment with conflict a little more, exploring anger and grudges and some things that I didn't like writing.
I usually try to make even my short stories have happy endings, but this one really doesn't.  It kind of ends abruptly, which is what I was going for (because effects), but it really is kinda sad.  Just so you know.  ;~;
It was inspired by the following dialogue prompt (although it doesn't include the particular line):

So, here goes.
A shrill ringing noise echoed throughout the empty house.  Muttering to herself, Linda picked up her new smartphone and looked at the screen.  She recognized the number displayed.  Patricia, she thought angrily.  “I’m definitely not answering this.”  Annoyed, she punched a button on the screen.  Not today, not ever.  I’m hanging up.  
“Hello?”  The voice came from the smartphone.  Linda cursed.  I pressed the wrong button.
She put the phone to her ear.  “Hello, Patricia.  Sorry I answered the call, I meant to hang up,” she said sarcastically.
“Oh it’s you, Linda.”  Patricia’s angry voice lost none of its negativity through the phone.
“Why don’t you come over some time?  We could have some elderberry wine, maybe I could poison you or something,” Linda suggested.
“It’s been fifty years since you stole Charles from me, you little mulch,” Patricia spat.  “I swear by my pretty floral bonnet that I will end you.”
“You don’t even own a bonnet, Patricia.”  Linda rolled her eyes and made her tone as salty as she could.  “And you know Charles died six years ago.  You should really get over it.”
“Speak for yourself!  And saying you want to poison me…bah!”
“I’m hanging up.”
Linda pulled the phone away from her ear and tapped the little red telephone.  “It’s been fifty years,” she said, trying to navigate the phone.  Her nephew had attempted to educate her on the workings of the stupid thing, but she still had no clue what she was doing.  She grumbled as she tried to find the telephone application again.  She needed to call Bill anyway.
Another call popped up and she tried to turn off the phone but accidentally hit the “accept call” button.
“And another thing!” Patricia yelled into the receiver.  Linda winced and held the phone away from her ear.  “Don’t think that just because our children have decided to elope it makes anything different for us!”
“Well you can just go and--wait a second,” Linda said as she realized what her one enemy had just said.  “Our children…eloped?”
“Yes, my Nathan and your Jillian.”  Patricia huffed.  “Didn’t you hear?”
Slowly, Linda felt around for a chair and sank into it.  She was speechless.  
“I…I’m still here,” the elderly woman stuttered.  “You…You mean, Jillian ran away with Nathan?”
“Yes,” Patricia said bitterly.  “Just last night.  I got a call this morning.”
“I…oh.”  Blinking, Linda tried her best to process what had just happened.  She couldn’t.  Jillian…and Nathan?  How?  How did I not see it?
“Are you still there?”
“I tried calling Nate,” Patricia rambled on, “but he didn’t pick up the phone.  Nathan is far too good for your Jillian, if you ask me.  I just think that--”
Linda pulled the phone away from her ear and ended the call.  I can’t believe it, she thought, half of her unable to believe Patricia. Jillian, my darling, my baby, Charles’ favorite daughter…with Nathan?  
She dropped the phone to the wood floor with a clatter.
The sound echoed throughout the very empty house, joined by her frail sobs.
See what I mean?
I'm really sorryyyyyyyyy it almost makes me cry as I edit it ;~;
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Part 3: The Plan

Okay, announcement time: summer is here.  Summer is here.  sUMMER IS HEREEEEEEEEEE

*insert much celebration here*

I am a happy girl.  I can now write with happiness and abandon.  I'm hoping to get a job over the summer, but seeing that I have had no success as of late, I hope to be writing.  A lot.
But first, here's a cookie for either 1- finishing the school year already or 2- being super duper close.  You rock!  :D
Alright, so--the real reason I'm back.  I finally finally finished Part 3 of Stealing Violets.  Hallelujiah.  So far it's going nowhere, but hopefully since I have time, I'll also get some inspiration.  So yeah!  Fun stuff.
You might wanna go back and read Part 2 because you've probably forgotten everything that has happened in this miniseries (lel I basically have too so don't feel guilty).
Go refresh, and come back and read this.  It'll wait for you.

*insert you refreshing yourself on what has happened*


The moments with Princess Jessica tear at the inside of my heart for several days.  I can’t help but worry about her.  I know I literally just met her, but she’s growing on me even though I haven’t seen her in a while.  
What if she really has eloped?
Oh, I hope not.
It’s nighttime, and I’m still wide awake.  My mind is too busy to fall asleep.  I sit up.  Blue snorts and looks at me with sleepy eyes.  “Sorry, buddy,” I apologize.  He knows something is wrong, I can tell.  He rests his head on my leg.  I gently pet him, then push it off.  “I’ve gotta go for a walk or something.  I’ll be back.”
I wander around the city.  Most of it is quiet.  The only people awake are those rich enough to waste some candlelight on a weeknight and the men still in taverns.  
The night watch is out, though.  I’d better watch out for them.  I slink around corners, making sure I don’t run into any drunk strangers.  Let me tell you, it can cause a scene.
I don’t even know where I’m going.  The sky is clear and bright and the moon is full.  I spot my favorite constellations, then get an idea.  I’ve got to get somewhere high, like a hill--but I can’t leave the city at night, of course.  That leaves one place: a roof.
It’s not hard for me to climb up a few windowsills and jump in between walls.  I find the perfect roof.  It’s tile, but it’s not as slanted as most roofs.  Hopefully I won’t roll off.
I situate myself in the most comfortable position possible on a tile roof and tent my fingers behind my head.  The stars are beautiful tonight.
What?  Did I just think that?  I shake my head.  What’s wrong with me?  I’ve always enjoyed a good flirt with a pretty girl, but this?  I’m practically romantic!
Even so, the stars are so gorgeously silver…like Jessica’s eyes…
I lift my head groggily, trying to make sense of things.  What is that incessant bumping?
Then I realize I’m falling off the roof.  How in the world did I fall asleep on a roof?  
But there’s no time to think about it.  My neck whips to the side and my hands flail out, trying to grab onto something.
“Ow!  Ugh!  Hey!  Umph!”
I can’t find a handhold!  I’m going to die!
At the last minute, my hand catches on the edge of the roof.  My fingernails scrape down the side of a tile.  I wince in twenty seven different ways, but at least I’m still alive.
Alive and kicking.  Literally.  My feet slam into the side of the house with a jolting thump.  I hope no one heard that.
I swing my other hand up to the roof and grab it.  Time to get down.  This was far too rude of an awakening.  I’m ready for breakfast, for goodness’ sake.
Scrambling down is a bit of a hassle, but I manage it.  I mean, this is me we’re talking about.  I can do anything.
Except, perhaps, keep my mind off of Jessica.
Alright, this is the last straw.  I dust off my hands and stomp off to find Blue.  I need a distraction.  Something big.  Maybe I should rob the palace.
Blue licks me all over when I find him.  “Dumb dog,” I mutter affectionately as I rub his ears.  He wags his tail rapidly.  “What should I do to keep my mind off of Jessica, boy?” I ask.  Blue pants at me.
“Good plan,” I nod.  “I could always make a ruckus, knock over some fruit stands, et cetera.  I don’t know, though--I want to do something more impressive.”
That’s a great way to show Jessica you’re the model of a gentleman, a voice inside my head prods.  Shut up, I tell it.
“Yeah, I think I’ll sneak into the palace tonight.  Maybe I can make off with some of the king’s silver, make a living for myself.”  I absentmindedly stroke Blue.  “At this point, anything will do.”
I begin to plan.  Finding a bit of charcoal isn’t hard, and I scratch out what I know on the wall of the building next to me.  
The kingdom of Aertha is…well, I’m not sure if it’s big or small.  I don’t really have any perspective.  We’re big enough to keep away enemies but we also don’t want to dominate everything.  We’re pretty content.  Now that I think about it, our army is pretty small, actually.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is the amount of guards around the palace.  Thankfully, the palace is at the center of the city, so it’s hard to miss.  The only problem is that if I need to make a quick getaway, I can’t jump from one of the palace roofs to the city wall and then climb over.  Oh well, you can’t have everything.
I mark the places I know the guards patrol.  I’ve taken peeks over the palace walls before.  The only problem is, I have no idea what room I’ll end up in.  Hopefully I won’t get caught.  What should I steal, though?
Honestly, anything will do.  I just need something.  
I decide to wait till the cover of night to sneak inside.  Which means I have to wait another 12 hours for it to get dark.  Great.
The day passes painstakingly slowly.  I find myself getting antsy and stir crazy as nervous butterflies build up in my stomach.  I don’t know what’s wrong with me.  I want to jump off a building.  Not that I want to commit suicide, I just have all this energy and nothing to do with it.  It annoys me.
Finally, night comes.  I’ve been ready for hours.  My plan is anything but detailed--I’m just going to get in, steal something, maybe make a scene, and get out of there.  I don’t stop to ponder the risks.  
The darkness falls like a warm blanket.  It’s cloudy out, and the moon is hidden.  It’s not ideal weather conditions, but when has that ever bothered me?
I slink around the corners, looking out for the guards and the night watch.  Or shall I say, the knight watch.  I snicker at my own pun, then nearly choke as a group of guards step right in front of me.
“Hey!” one barks.  “What are you doing out?”
I quickly adopt a jaunty air.  “Oh, y’know, just making my nightly rounds.”  I wink, my mind racing.  “Always wanted to join the night watch, you know.  Pap wouldn’t let me, though.  He died.”  I cackle.  “Now I make rounds on my own and pretend I’m part of it.”  Staggering a little, I salute.  “Always wanted to be part of the night watch.”  
The men look at each other with raised eyebrows.  I’ve almost convinced them.  I could be an actor, for all the show I put on for them.  I blink several times, my eyes misting over.  “You’re good men,” I say shakily, a fake sob escaping my throat.  I clap the nearest man on the shoulder and rock back and forth on my feet.  “You’re all good men servicing our good kingdom of Aertha, you are.  One day I’ll join the night watch like I’ve always wanted to…”  
Now for the final touch.  I dreamily gaze at the wall next to me.  My eyes are half closed and my mouth half open.  That hooks them.  They’re sure I’m insane.
The man removes my hand from his shoulder.  “Well, make sure and come to us if you ever…feel urged to join the night watch.”  He shoots a look at his companions that I catch from the corner of my eye.  “For now, show us where you sleep.  You need to get back to wherever you escaped from.”
Shoot!  What now?  Think fast, think fast--
“I just sleep here,” I announce, and sweep my eyes over the company, finally locking them onto the man.  My knees buckle and I collapse to the ground.  The man quickly tries to catch me, but misses.  I close my eyes and steady my breathing as if I’ve suddenly fallen asleep.  He bends over me, checking to be sure, then turns back to the rest of the night watch.  “Bloody crazy,” he mutters.  “Come on, he won’t disturb anyone here.  We’ve got other things to do.”
“Who died and made you in charge?”  I hear a rougher voice.  “Last I checked, I’m the captain here.”  The sound of a slap echoes off the sides of the buildings.  I try not to wince.  “Remember your station!” the voice snaps.  “Let’s go.”
The night watch marches off and leaves me by myself.  As soon as I’m sure they’re gone, I hop to my feet.  I’ve lost valuable time and I need to get going.  
The palace rears its beautiful head as I arrive.  There’s guards marching around the wall.  I decide to go the easy way.  As soon as one comes my way, I dart out of the shadows and smash the back of his head with a stray cobblestone I picked up.  He crumples to the ground like I did a few minutes ago.  The irony is not lost.
I slip silently up to the wall and climb it, catlike.  An ordinary person would have trouble getting over it, but years of living on the streets have helped me to easily find handholds in stone walls.  As soon as I reach the top, I drop over.  I can’t risk surveying the courtyard from there--someone might see me.
Retreating to the shadow of the wall, I take a look around.  There’s not many guards in here, which surprises me.  This has got to be a trick.  
The flickering glow of a fire catches my eye.  Several guards are huddled around it, joking loudly.  Odd.  It’s not even that chilly.
Not stopping to wonder the reason for the lack of guards, I dash across the courtyard to the main part of the palace.  Safe once more.  
Here there’s another small wall, which I scale quickly.  This one is also stone, but with more chunky stones.  It’s easier to climb.
I stay in the shadow of the wall and check out this part of the castle.  I’ve never seen this before.  There’s a large square building here, with other little buildings scattered around the mini courtyard.  Two towers rest on opposite corners of the square building.
I weigh my options.  The small buildings around the courtyard are probably storehouses for food.  The barracks and stables are in the outer courtyard.  The large square building most likely contain the kitchens, throne room, ballrooms, servants’ quarters, and whatever else is in a castle.  The towers seem like a good idea to me.  They probably hold bedrooms--and expensive items like tapestries and furnishings.  I rub my hands together eagerly.  Kray, get ready for a big one!
I choose to climb the left tower.  There’s nothing different about it, I just picked it randomly.  I run over to the shadow of the tower and gaze up at it.  It’s very tall.
I spit on my hands and begin to climb.
It’s challenging to climb something this steep.  The stones are smoother and have less handholds.  I slip several times, and barely regain my footing.  Beads of sweat begin to pop up on my forehead and upper lip.  About halfway up the insanity of this situation hits me.  What do I think I’m doing?  
I look down the sheer stone wall and immediately regret it.  It’s a very long way down.
Shakily, I take a deep breath and pray my clammy hands don’t cause me to fall.
Slowly, steadily, I make my way up the rest of the tower.
I reach up to a small ledge--a windowsill!--and grab it.  Suddenly, one of my feet slips from the stone.  I gasp as I dangle from the tower, one hand on the windowsill.  My heart is beating a mile a minute and I can feel my hand losing its grip.  Trying my best not to scream, I swing my other arm up to the ledge and grab it.  I scramble up the windowsill and tumble into the room, pushing myself away from the window.
My chest rises and falls rapidly as I pant.  I try not to think about what would have happened if I had fallen--not to mention what would have happened if I was noticed by the guards.  A person climbing a wall is a prime target for arrows.
I take a moment to rejuvenate and investigate my surroundings.  I appear to be in a bedroom, and by the looks of it, it’s a girl’s bedroom.  The drapes and hangings are rich and beautiful, full of deep colors and gold and silver thread.  The bed alone must have cost a fortune.  To the side I see a dressing shade and a wardrobe full of elaborate dresses.
There’s a vanity over to one side.  Amidst the immense amount of what I assume is makeup, I notice something of interest.
A crown.
I’m in Princess Jessica’s room.

I rub my hands eagerly.  This is perfect.
This is probably trash, but eh.  I'm not too concerned.  I'm ready to revamp it with all this free time I now have.
Whatcha think?  What's it need?
I'm glad to be back, by the way :)
And thanks to all you guys who actually take time out of your day to read my trash--it means a lot :3
~~zoë wingfeather