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Here's a list of what I've got so far:

   - The Well of Souhaiters: this is my first completed book (note: this was originally called Marcy's Story cause I'm llame and didn't know what to call it). Summary: Marcy is forced to stay with her aunt over the summer while her parents go to the Bahamas. Soon after she arrives, she realizes that Aunt Jenny, strangely like her house, isn't all she seems. She is promptly thrown headfirst into an adventure she never asked for, but enjoys anyway. Who knew that practically all her family was magical?
   - one shots: these are just a bunch of short stories (mostly like really short). In these I'm trying to develop my skills and so they're all over the board as far as genres/etc. Some of my best work here.
   - sudden connection: what was meant to be a short romance novella has turned into a novel. Summary: Taylor is a Starbucks barista acing her way through college. Brandon is a talented graphic designer. Taylor's parents are on the brink of divorce. Brandon lives alone. The two of them have nothing in common. When both are randomly struck by lightning, they involuntarily establish a physical and emotional link. They barely know each other. So why are they connected in a way no one, even themselves, could understand?
   - The Journey into the Unknown: this is my way too long to be a short story. It's like 17 pages, so it still qualifies as a short story, but yeah anyway. Summary: Firespark the dragon has lived with his best friend Lilly the fairy all his life. Suddenly, both of their lives are turned upside down as they embark on the journey of a lifetime. look i wrote this in 8th grade give me a break

Also I should probably tell you that I sign everything with my pen name, Zoë Wingfeather.
With that said, keep calm and read on!
~~Zoë Wingfeather

Chapter 15: A Boyfriend?!

- Taylor's POV -

I unlocked the side door and let myself into the house. I heard the TV—Dad’s probably watching a game or something stupid—and dishes clinking in the kitchen. The boys were playing video games in Mom’s room, which had a TV as well. At least they’re happy.
I changed into some more comfortable exercise clothes and then hopped on the computer. I should exercise more, I thought. Actually, I should just exercise. I should exercise. I wonder…
The morning had been strange, full of phantom pains in unexplainable places.
When I felt the sting on my arm, I thought, I figured it was just a bug. After all, horse flies do hurt pretty bad. But then when it felt like I bit my cheek, I knew something was up. Horseflies cannot fly into someone’s mouth—I shivered—and sting them. That’s ridiculous. I hadn’t been talking or moving my mouth at all when it happened, so it wasn’t me. But what was it?
What was it anyway?
After the pain I had rushed to the bathroom to investigate the inside of my mouth. It was bleeding. It hurt. I was confused and slightly annoyed. Focusing on work had provided a bit of distraction, until I felt a wave of emotion again. This time I felt even more confused, but to a deeper level than I had earlier, and seemingly for different reasons. I was confused as to why I was confused.
It was, all in all, a confusing experience.
All this with Mom and Dad, and being struck by lightning, and feeling weird emotions at random times, had my head spinning.
I snapped my fingers. I meant to help Mom with dinner! Dangit. It smelled like she was making pasta for dinner. Emilie was tottering around the kitchen on her little legs. She picked up a toy and threw it every once and a while, but Mom didn’t seem to care.
“Hey Mom,” I said, munching on a crouton off the salad on the counter. “How was your day?”
“It was good.” Mom sighed. She turned to face me as she stirred the pasta. “Pretty uneventful. Mac came home and went straight to the TV, which was good because it meant no fight when he got home. Tonight might be a different matter.”
“I sure hope not,” I said forcefully. “If he so much as touches you again I swear I will—“
“Hush!” Mom nodded toward the living room, not too far away. “He’s still your father, sweetheart.”
“No man who abuses his wife and my mother deserves to claim that right,” I said. I violently ate another crouton.
There was momentary silence as Mom stirred the pasta. I contemplated telling her about the strange happenings of the past few days. I knew it would just stress her out even more, though, so I decided against it. More stress was the last thing she needed. Plus, it wasn’t too big of a deal. Pfft, getting struck by lightning? No biggie. Right.
“Can I help with dinner?” I finally asked.
“You can set the table and get out the salad dressing.” Mom gave me a hug as I walked by. "Thanks, Taylor. You’re such a big help.”
“I’d move a mountain for you, Mom,” I said in return. And I meant it.
Dinner was a quiet affair. Most of it was in silence, with the boys cutting up every once and a while, and Emilie making cute 2 year old noises. Dad scrolled through his Facebook feed on his phone and didn’t pry into my social life. I was thankful. He didn’t offer to help clean up, so the rest of us were left to it. Nothing new there. Mom made the twins help, though they didn’t want to. It took less time than usual with their participation.
After cleaning up, they begged her to let them play more video games, but she insisted they had to do their homework. Elijah and Isaac sighed and rolled their eyes in sync. They didn’t push their luck with her.
“Hey, I’m gonna put Emilie to bed real quick and then go out to coffee with some girls,” Mom said as the boys left the kitchen. “Is that alright?”
I glanced at the clock. It was only a little after 7 pm. “Mom, you don’t have to ask my permission,” I reminded her. “You’re the authority here. But we should be fine. Don’t worry. But I’m curious; who are you going out with?”
“Some girls from work.” Mom worked at a law firm, filing papers and doing secretary work. I knew she was smart—she’d become pregnant with me in her first year of college. Dropping out to have me was her decision, but I knew she missed out on a great deal. She had been attending one of the best law schools in the U.S. Maybe if they get a divorce, she’ll go back to school and finish up her degree. She could be an amazing lawyer, I know she could, I found myself thinking. I still need to search for a better paying job…
My mom continued “They know about my…situation.” She picked up Emilie and kissed her already sleepy head. “They invited me to come and talk about it and maybe figure something out.”
“That’s good.” I nodded. Her coworkers were good women and would probably give her some solid advice. “I’m gonna go check and see if I have anything to finish up for school. You have fun, okay?” I gave her a hug.
She squeezed me, smiling with tired eyes. “I will. I’ll be back later tonight.” She carried Emilie to her room to put her to bed.
I checked my homework and saw that I had a Programming test the next day. I decided to study. Pouring over my notes, I lost track of the time until my cell phone rang. A look at the caller ID showed an unfamiliar number. I frowned. Who could this be, calling me at 9:07 pm?
“Hello?” I answered the phone.
“Hi, is this Taylor?” a deep male voice asked.
I blinked. “Yes,” I said slowly. “Who is this?”
“It’s Henry,” the voice said happily. “I know, I’m creepy, but I asked around and found your number. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed to ask you personally.”
I blushed, suddenly. Even though he couldn’t see my face, I felt flustered. “Well, you got a hold of me. Do you need anything?”
“Well…” Henry sounded a bit apprehensive. “I just wanted to know if you’d be interested in hanging out sometime. Maybe we could grab some coffee…?”
“Uh…sure,” I said a little too fast. My voice cracked. Is he asking me out? I think he’s asking me out. I just got asked out, on a date…! “Uh, yes. That sounds cool. You wanna meet at my Starbucks? It’s the one off Red Oak Road.”
“Wait, you own a Starbucks?”
“Oh, no.” I laughed. “I work there.”
“Ohh.” Henry laughed with me. “Gotcha. Are you free tomorrow afternoon?”
“2 work for you?”
“Sure again.”
“Cool. I guess I’ll see you then.”
“Yep.” I tried to sound like I did this kind of thing all the time. “Bye!”
I slowly pulled the phone away from my ear and leaned back in my swivel chair. Did I…Did I just… My head spun. I just…
Heart beating rapidly, I pulled up Jamie’s number on my phone and called her.
“What’s up?” her chipper voice answered.
“I think I just accepted an invite for a date,” I rushed. “I just got off the phone with Henry…”
I told her about the phone call, my thoughts scatterbrained.
“That’s so awesome!” Jamie sounded excited. “You’re finally getting a boyfriend!”
“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” I said. “But I mean he did kind of ask me out to coffee, so…”
My best friend squealed a little. “Yes! This is so cool! Promise you’ll keep me updated!”
“I will,” I promised. “I’m kind of still in shock from the past few days, honestly. It’s been pretty crazy.”
“I bet,” Jamie agreed. “I bet you are.”
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(so can boys)
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Chapter 14: …Her?

- Brandon's POV -

I was distracted as I drove to Starbucks the next morning. After the stomach cramps had left, I had googled anything regarding sudden stomach pain, but had found nothing. I had reached the point where I blamed everything on being struck by lightning.
I had figured it must be time for me to go to bed, but as I got ready, I felt several phantom emotions in succession. I was suddenly happy—I even grinned while brushing my teeth before catching myself—then concerned about nothing, and then angry for no reason. I even had to punch the couch again.
Shaking my head, I put on my blinker and turned left. “That was crazy,” I told my steering wheel. “I must be going insane.”
Sadly, inanimate objects never respond or give advice. Good thing I called Aiden to meet me this morning. Maybe he’ll have an idea of what’s been happening.
The nice girl, Taylor, was working the register again, even though it was later in the morning. I glanced at my watch while I waited in line. It read 8:53 am. She works on Saturdays now? I wondered. I’ve come here on Saturday mornings before but never seen her. Maybe I just didn’t notice.
Taylor smiled at me tiredly as I walked up to the register to order. “Hey, Br…Br…” She squinted, thinking hard. “Brayden?”
“Brandon,” I corrected her with a smile. “You were close.”
I ordered my usual Americana, but iced this time. As Taylor turned to talk to another employee, I noticed her wince. When she faced me again, I questioned her grimace.
“I just had a stomach ache last night.” She made an unconcerned gesture. “It’s only the aftereffects. No big deal.”
“Hmm,” I said. “I had a stomach ache last night too.”
“Weird.” Taylor gave me an odd look. I shrugged.
After an awkward silence during which the person behind me rudely poked me, I hurriedly said “Well, bye!” and walked off to a table. Taylor’s answering “Bye!” followed me as I left.
I spotted Aiden at a table in the corner of the Starbucks. “Sup, bro?” My best friend gave me a fist bump.
“Not much,” I responded, returning the fist bump. “You?”
“Same.” Aiden sipped his mocha frappe and cocked his head to the side. “So, you wanted to talk about something?”
I quickly filled him in on all the strange things that had been happening to me. His eyes widened as he listened. As an afterthought, I added Taylor into the mix as well, mentioning my research on feeling others’ emotions and physical sensations.
“…and so that’s what I wanted to tell you,” I finished, leaning back. “So, do you have any ideas of your own? Am I going crazy or does it sound legit?”
“Whew,” Aiden whistled. “That’s…wow. Wow.”
He thought for a moment. “Well, it sounds legit to me. I mean, you’ve noticed you might be feeling what at least Taylor feels, physically and emotionally.” He whistled again. “Wow. This is so cool!”
“Yeah, it’s cool unless you’re the one getting mood swings and a terrible stomach ache for no reason,” I said dryly.
Aiden ignored me. “Dude, what if it’s only Taylor?”
“What do you mean?” I asked, confused.
“I mean, what if it’s only Taylor you have this…this sudden connection with.” He shrugged. “You haven’t noticed anyone else specifically reacting. What if it’s just with her?”
I shook my head. “That’s ridiculous. I don’t even know her!"
“Hey, we should test it!” Aiden looked over to where Taylor stood at the register. “You do something, like…poke your stomach, or pinch your arm, or something like that. We’ll see if anyone besides Taylor in reacts to it.”
It sounded crazy, but I had to admit it was worth a try. “Okay,” I relented. "You watch the room, I’ll watch Taylor. I’m gonna pinch my arm.”
I took a small bit of skin on my upper arm and pinched it with my fingernails. To my great surprise, Taylor gave a small yelp and slapped a hand to her upper arm. I watched as she investigated the spot. I directed my gaze at Aiden, speechless.
“Nothing,” he said. Then he saw my face. “Did she do something?”
“Yeah,” I said slowly. “She…She felt it.” That’s impossible! I panicked. There’s no way—It’s just ridiculous!
But it’s happened too many times to be coincidental, another voice reminded me.
“Dude!” Aiden’s face lit up. “You guys are linked in some weird way!”
“I’m still skeptical.” A small part of me didn’t believe what I had just seen. “It just can’t be true. That’s like something that would happen in one of your comic books.”
“Well, try it again.” My best friend was ecstatic. “This is so cool!”
I didn’t think it was very cool, but trying again couldn’t hurt. “What should I do?”
“Uh…” Aiden thought for a moment, running a hand through his hair. “Bite your lip or cheek. Hard.”
I winced at the thought of the pain. “Okay. Help me keep watch.” Obliging, I bit the inside of my cheek as hard as I could. I watched, stunned, as Taylor clapped a hand up to her mouth. Her eyes were even shiny, like she had teared up. I felt a little guilty for biting so hard. She quickly walked to the bathroom in the back of the Starbucks.
“Okay, I am so telling Jamie about this,” Aiden rambled. I was still in shock and wasn’t listening. “Like, you have this weird connection with a random barista at Starbucks? How crazy is that? Bro, so that means you must be feeling her emotions right now! How do you feel?”
“Confused,” I answered slowly.
“Seems legit. You’re probably both confused.”
“Yeah.” I shook my head. This is weird in and of itself, but why Taylor? I asked myself repeatedly. Then again, better than Layla. I hope. I barely even know Taylor!
I took a long draw of my coffee, reminding me that I was not dreaming. How can we stop this? I wondered. Will it go away on its own? Will we always have this connection?! AM I GOING CRAZY?!!
“Hey bro, I’m gonna go,” I told Aiden. I had to get out of here. I stood up, trying my best not to hyperventilate. “I’ve gotta get some shopping done before other things.”
“No problem.” He gave me a fist bump. “You take care of yourself, okay man? You look pretty shook. Call me if you need anything.” Aiden wasn’t a very affectionate guy with his friends, but the fact that he offered to help was very considerate of him.
I smiled. “Thanks, dude. See ya later.”
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Chapter 13: Miserable Fridays

- Taylor's POV -

I looked at the clock. 8:43 pm. Wow. I’m glad those painkillers kicked in. I groaned and turned over on my bed. The heating pad had helped my cramps while I waited for the meds to help, but the pain still killed me every time.
“Not how I want to spend the Friday night,” I said miserably.
Elijah and Isaac chose that moment to peek into my room. They looked like they were up to something. I closed my eyes and pretended to sleep.
“Psst!” Elijah beckoned to his twin. “She’s asleep. Let’s go!”
Isaac sneaked into my room, peering around anxiously. “Are you sure about this? Won’t she be scared?”
“That’s the point!”
Good old Isaac, I smiled inwardly. Always looking out for me.
I noticed Elijah was carrying the rubber lizard he used to scare Isaac yesterday. A plan began to form in my head. As they crept closer, I readied myself.
Slowly, carefully, Elijah reached out and placed the lizard beside me on the bed. He lowered it into position—if I was really asleep, I would have seen it as soon as I opened my eyes.
I struck. Reaching out, I grabbed hold of Elijah and pulled him up onto the bed. His screams of shock were soon overcome by laughter as I tickled him mercilessly.
Isaac collapsed to the floor, holding his sides as he giggled. “You…should have seen…your face, Elijah!” he wheezed.
I grinned. “Who’s won this one, eh?” I asked in mock severity, continuing to dig my fingers into his sides.
“You have!” he declared between gasps. “You have, Tay! Let me goooo!”
I released him and wiggled my eyebrows. “Now, unless one of you wants to wake up with a real lizard on your face, I suggest you get out of here!”
The boys ran off, squealing. I chuckled. They never ceased to make me laugh.
Relaxing, I leaned back among my multitudes of pillows. I thought about my mental breakdown during class. “Hmm,” I thought out loud. “The cramps would indicate mood swings. Maybe it was just a mood swing.” But the longer I thought about it, the less likely it seemed. Usually when I have mood swings there’s a particular reason, even if it’s just that we don’t have milk for cereal. I propped myself up on my elbows. This was different. There was literally no discernible reason for it. How strange…
I wanted to listen to music, so I plugged up my headphones and turned on one of my favorite hard rock songs. It annoyed me that I was going to spend the Friday night at home, but there wasn’t much I could do about it. No one had invited me to anything. I thought about taking a walk but then laughed out loud. Maybe not a good idea. At least for a while. Don’t want to get struck by lightning for a second time.
Lying down, I felt vibrations through my bed, indicating that someone was running or stomping in the house. I pulled out an earbud and heard a door slam. Maybe one of the boys is in trouble.
Carefully, I heaved myself off my bed and peeked out of my room. I heard sobbing coming from my mom’s room. She and Dad had stopped sharing a room and Mom had begun to sleep in the guest bedroom. I felt concern rising in my chest. If they’ve been fighting again…
I also heard Emilie crying from her crib. Pausing a moment, I thought about how to help.
“Hey! Boys!” I called.
“Yes?” The twins cracked their door and stuck their heads out.
“Can you go take care of Emilie?” I asked. “I know it’s asking a lot, but if you could just read her a book or something to calm her down and make her fall asleep again that would be awesome.” An idea popped into my head. “In fact, if you can get her to sleep, I’ll take you out for ice cream tomorrow.”
Isaac and Elijah shared an eager look. “Course we can do that!” Isaac piped up. “We’ll do anything for ice cream!”
“Thanks,” I said gratefully. “You guys are the best.”
“You know it,” Elijah said, winking exaggeratedly. I laughed.
My ear to Mom's door, I knocked and listened hard. I still heard quiet crying, but she spoke up. “Who is it?”
“It’s Taylor.”
“Come in.”
I opened the door. Mom was sitting cross-legged on her bed, her head in her hands. Her long black hair, the same color as mine, shielded her face from me.
I sat down beside her. “What happened?” I asked softly, placing my arm around her shoulders. She started to cry again.
“He…He…was angry when he got home,” she said between breaths. “He…yelled at me…for…for…not fixing anything for dinner. He said he didn’t want a sandwich, even though I…made one for him.” Mom sniffed again. I handed her a tissue from the box to my left and she blew her nose. “And he called me all sorts of things…and I’m not those things.…He blames me for things I don’t even do!”
She looked up at me and I gasped. There was a large red mark across her cheek.
“Mom…” I said slowly. “He hit you, didn’t he?”
She nodded, tears pooling up in her eyes. Burying her head in her hands again, she sobbed.
I was in shock. I should have expected this. I should have known it would go this far. This is it. Who does he think he is? My fury grew. How dare he. How dare he!
“Are you going to…do anything about it?” I asked, trying to keep my voice under control.
“I don’t know.” Mom shook her head. “I just don’t know. If I…get a divorce, I want to have custody of you kids. I don’t want him to take you. But then he’ll probably take the house, and I don’t know if I can support us on just my job…” She sighed shakily. “I don’t know what to do.”
I hadn’t considered all that. Hasty, I scolded myself. Divorce is not simple or easy.
“I know,” I comforted her. Pulling her close, I hugged her. “I know you’re tired of all this. And I know it’s hard. But we’re going to get through this. I’ll start looking for a better job just in case you decide to divorce.” I laid my head on hers. “But if he continues this abuse, don’t you hesitate to call the police or something.”
“I won’t,” Mom promised. She sighed again. “I won’t."
(understand, i write things i do not understand and often have not experienced. my exposure to marital problems comes from media and friends who have had similar experiences. the subject matter contained in this chapter may or may not be accurate to real-life situations.)
(that said, i personally just would like to remind everyone to drink water and please don't get up at 4 am because it is not nice on your body, believe me)

Chapter 12: Phantom Stomach Pains

- Brandon's POV -

Right when I was finishing the last bite of my sandwich, I felt the strangest sensation in my stomach. It wasn't indigestion, just kind of…fluttery. Are these…butterflies?! I thought incredulously. Sure enough, I felt very excited and happy, just like the butterflies I remember getting around girls I liked when I was younger. Why am I feeling butterflies? I literally just finished my sandwich. That’s no occasion for butterflies. What the heck is up?
The butterflies continued to momentarily show up every so often even after I returned to work. I’d think they had left, and then they’d abruptly show up again to make my stomach turn flip flops.
Back at my desk, I filled in some details on the girl’s arm and shook my head again. “Random anger for no reason, fatigue, the papercut that didn’t bleed. What next?”
Changing my color, I began shading her arm. “And this all happened after I got struck by lightning…” I focused on the girl’s other arm, shading it as well. “Wonder if there’s some correlation?”
I stopped working and slapped my head. “That’s ridiculous. Wow, Brandon. What will you think of next? You’ll believe you have superpowers or something. Pfft. Stupid. Ridiculous.”
Still annoyed at myself, I gave the girl’s neck and face some depth and dimension. “Your brain is addled by the lightning. You should get that checked out.
“No, that would worry Mom,” I reminded myself. “Best to leave it alone. I’m probably just imagining all this anyway. Focus on the work. You have deadlines.”
I decided to hit Starbucks on the way out of work, just because I could. I wanted something sugary. Something sweet and good. Something very unhealthy.
Interestingly enough, when I stepped up to the register I noticed the cashier was the same girl from that morning. “Hello again!” I said, smiling. “We’re just about friends now, huh”—I scanned her name tag again—“Taylor?”
“I guess we are,” she said. She smiled back. “What’ll it be this afternoon, Mister…?”
“Brandon.” I scanned the menu. “I’ll have a unicorn frappe, please.”
She whistled softly. “Wow, didn’t know people knew we still sold those. Okay, $6.94 it is.”
It was my turn to whistle. “Dang. That’s a lot. Okay.” I scanned my card and paid for the drink.
“Yeah, it’s pretty expensive,” Taylor agreed. “But there’s a lot of sugar in it, so…”
“Makes sense."
Taylor waved after me as I turned to wait for my overpriced sugar in a cup. “See you!"
“Later!” I called back. As I turned on my heel, I accidentally stubbed my toe forcefully on the edge of the counter. “Ow!” I yelped, jumping up at the sudden pain.
Strangely, I heard another “ow” echo mine. Surprised, I looked around to find the source of the exclamation and saw Taylor bending down to rub her foot. She had a pained expression on her face.
Huh, I thought. We must have both stubbed our toes at the same time. How coincidental.
I stowed the incident in the back of my mind as I went home and cooked myself up some more rice to go with my leftovers. I thought about the strange happenings of the day, pondering them until I had thoroughly confused myself.
At around 8 pm I decided to do some research on the effects of being struck by lightning, just in case. I theorized the side effects might be psychology related, judging by my sudden mood swings.
I found some cases of lightning-struck people claiming to be psychic and telepathic. 'A specific case, Jim Minor of Alabama, is allegedly able to experience what those around him experience as a result of being struck by lightning in his backyard,” I read aloud. “'Jim feels the same emotions as targeted people surrounding him. These people have included close family members and love interests. Occasionally, the psychic link expounds to the physical as well, causing him to feel the physical sensations of the targeted people.’”
I leaned back on my couch and closed my eyes. “I wonder…”
What if that’s it? I thought. What if that’s what’s wrong? And I’m just feeling the experiences and emotions of the people around me? That would mean someone at work cut their finger, someone at Starbucks was really tired, and…someone in my apartment was really angry at something. Hmm…
A part of me insisted that it was too far fetched, but a different nagging voice pointed out that it could be true. There was always the possibility.
I closed my eyes and felt myself drifting as I pondered the probability when suddenly my stomach clenched. “Ow!” I exclaimed in pain. I quickly thought over what I had eaten that day, but nothing was out of the ordinary. Hmm. Food poisoning, maybe…?
My whole abdomen seized up. “Agh!” I cried out, gently dumping my laptop off my lap and onto the couch. I curled up into a ball on the cushions, my whole stomach cramping. I whimpered. I’d had food poisoning and stomach aches and nausea, but this was worse than all of them. In fact, it felt like all of them combined. Along with a strong feeling of having to use the bathroom.
A wave of nausea hit me and I ran to the bathroom, sure I was going to puke. I was wrong. I stayed in the bathroom for a good half hour, alternating between wrapping myself into a tight ball on the floor and bending over the toilet. My whole abdomen felt like it was trying to self destruct. I honestly wanted to die.
Finally, the pains subsided. They left; gradually, but they left. It was well timed; I was on the verge of calling someone—I didn’t know who, maybe a doctor.
I gasped on the floor, contemplating whether to move or not. I didn’t want them to return. “That,” I whispered, “was one of the worst things I have ever experienced."